„Pien Kabache“ im August 2018

In Kooperation mit ND 12 – DIY Shows präsentieren wir euch:

– Feminist, anti-fascist, anarcho & prochoice Punkband from Warsaw (Poland):

„The band called miraż came into being long time ago, and was created from a need to scream out out anger towards patriarchal system, but also to support each other, create together, share experiences and empower other women* and people. We recorded a beautiful record which we have never released, we played a lot of amazing shows thanx to even more amazing people who hosted and supported us. And then there was a break, silence and the increasing need to play again. And here we are, miraż in action, supported by a new member, we are like a bullet pointed towards the heart of the absolute system a.d.2017, ready to go, to use music and talking to expose the stupid, sexist, homophobic system.“

Alientate - Punk from Münster

Im Anschluß dann das normale Antifakneipenprogramm..mit kalten Getränken & Veganem vom Grill.

10. August 2018 / 20 Uhr / Baracke Münster / Eintritt zum Konzert gegen Spende

If you are sexist, racist, homophobe or basically an asshole, your not welcome!

Der Abend wird von der Antifaschistische Linke Münster, der Antifaschistische Aktion Hamm und der Au­to­no­men An­ti­fa Rhei­ne ver­an­stal­tet.

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